AI Drone Technology

Our Artificial Intelligence “AI” Cantilever Technology uses different components depending on what is being measured.

Our Artificial Intelligence Cantilever uses Light Beams, Metal Plates and other elements for measurement in agricultural fields, cannabis groweries and contaminated areas.

What is a cantilever? A cantilever is a solid structural element, such as a beam or a plate, anchored at one end and not anchored at the other – like a diving board at the edge of a pool. When the unanchored end is subject to weight, the cantilever bends and that bending is measured.

Cantilever Nanotechnology

Our technology consists of a Bio-Chem detection system using nanotechnology elements to identify and measure minute particles of biological and/or chemical elements. The drone system also measures combined surface reaction and spectrum absorption methods. Our drone sensor device provides real-time detection and identification of minute particles (femtograms) of any chemical or biological material and biological species through DNA/RNA.


Patent Application Number - 62/728827

The state-of-the-art drone technology consists of:

  • Self-cleaning after detection
  • Simultaneous identification of multiple elements
  • Proprietary software for detection elements
  • Charged particle Cantilever
  • Can detect chemical and disease signature of plants/trees/agricultural commodities
  • No Toxic additives used

We can control agricultural and cannabis diseases, including Citrus Greening, with our Rhamnolipid applications carried out by our autonomous systems. We can treat millions of dollars worth of diseased cannabis plants that had to otherwise be burned or destroyed. We can identify viruses, bacteria, diseases and fungi and provide detection of early warning signals of a diseased plant. We can then treat the plant using our robot technology to apply our biosurfactants. Our biosurfactants can destabilize the plasma membrane of diseases preventing their proliferation.